High Wycombe Croquet Club

High Wycombe Croquet Club moved to Hazlemere Recreation Ground at the start of the 2014 season having spent the first 30+ years of its life at Bassetsbury Manor on the Rye. We currently have around 100 members but aim to grow our membership over the next few years. Our facility is located just over the hedge from the Hazlemere Memorial Hall.

Croquet is played on a grass lawn or court 28 by 35 yards (about the size of two tennis courts), on which there are 6 hoops and a central peg. The game is played by two teams which can be singles or doubles, and each team has 2 balls. The aim of the game is for one team to hit their balls through all the hoops in the correct order and then hit the peg, before the opposing team.

The game of croquet is governed by the Croquet Association, which recognizes two forms of the game: Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. Both of these are played at High Wycombe Croquet

Croquet is a sociable game, and can also be played competitively. Many of our members play in local leagues, and some play in tournaments around the country. One of our members even represents Scotland! The game provides exercise without being too strenuous. A single match can take as little as 45 minutes or up to three hours or more, depending on skills level of the players and amount of interaction. Croquet can be played by all: Croquet has a handicap system which allows everyone to compete on an equal basis: young and old, men and women, novice and expert.

The club holds regular club sessions on Monday afternoons and evenings, also Sunday afternoons.

The club is open to members of the public on Tuesday evenings at 6-8pm at a cost of £5 per session for anyone who wants to give it a try. Up to £15 is credited against club membership should this be taken up. We have all the necessary equipment, just turn up in flat shoes.

HWCC is delighted to be a Member Club of Hazlemere Sports Association and enjoy the superb facilities provided by the pavilion for social activities, fundraising and entertaining competing teams!


More information such as club membership rates, full calendar of events etc. is to be had on the club website: http://www.hwcroquetclub.com

Contact: Ed Olhausen on 07723 048001.


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